Human Acceleration offers leadership development and training in close collaboration with the Leadership Pipeline Institute (LPI). The Leadership Transition Programs® (LTP) is a series of intensive leadership training programmes uniquely based on the Leadership Pipeline principles developed in close corporation with the authors of the Leadership Pipeline book. LTP gives the participants insights, tools, and practical training on how to transition from one leadership level to another and acquire the appropriate work values, time application and skills.


In order for an organisation to develop and grow, every part of the organisation must develop accordingly. This necessitates development programs for both employees and leaders, as well as focus on people dynamics and team composition. Leadership development is critical to company success.

Applied the right way in the organisation, the Leadership Transition Programs® will secure that leaders start valuing getting results through others, rather than getting involved in everything themselves. The programs will inspire the leader to overcome delegation blocks and truly delegate both responsibilities and authority.
  • Intensive leadership training
  • The programme is highly engaging
  • Helps the assessed leader to recognise a learning need
  • Based on high-impact learning principles and the participants' own day-to-day challenges
  • Can easily be customised to capture your organisation's desired leadership culture and existing Human Resource tools
  • Clarifies the specific responsibilities and performance expectations for each leadership level by defining the work that needs to be done by each leader, in order to be successful at his/her current leadership level
  • Much more than just another skill-based leadership program. These programs are uniquely developed to support the participants in adjusting their work values – meaning what they like doing and how they believe they add value as a leader


Most companies can build their leadership pipeline around four generic leadership levels:

  • Leading Others
  • Leading Leaders
  • Functional Leader
  • Business Unit Leader

  • Each passage in the leadership pipeline from one leadership level to the next represents a major career transition and requires letting go of things that made you successful at one level and adopting entirely new ones in order to succeed at the new level and make those around you successful.
    A transition from one leadership level to another involves a fundamental adjustment of work values, time application, and skills.


    What people believe is important becomes the focus of their efforts


    New time frames govern how a manager works


    Specific capabilities are required to execute new responsibilities


    The example below is an example of the adjustments required when passing from LO to LL.

    A key ingredient for learning to take place in the leadership programmes is that participants recognise a learning need, and that the leadership programme is engaging. Leadership Performance Index (LPindex) plays a significant role in this equation as participants conduct the LPindex survey prior to the training.

    By applying a combination of LPindex and LTP, leaders are provided feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and introduced to tools to improve and move themselves and the company forward. The output from the training is strongly related to employee retention, as solid leadership will likely result in increased employee engagement.

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