A popular saying is that people join the organisation and they leave their leader!
Around 75% of employees in an organisation are individual contributors and thus report to Leaders of Others, and the consequences of having poor Leaders of Others are evident. And who selects and develops the Leaders of Others? That would be the Leaders of Leaders. Accordingly, the Leaders of Leaders play a significant role in driving engagement by selecting leaders with leadership potential and develop them into capable Leaders of Others.

The challenge of assessing and developing the leaders of tomorrow can be supported and founded in the Leadership Performance Index® (LPindex) a 360° assessment.
  • Assessment used to evaluate leadership performance
  • Anonymous inputs are provided by direct reports, peers and manager(s) enabling honest input
  • Brings together views from all relevant stakeholders
  • Is completed via an online questionnaire and it takes app. 20 minutes to give input
  • Questions are at an observable, behavioural level that is easy for raters to recognise
  • The assessed leader is provided with a written report which can easily translate to action points
  • Can be used for preparation and evaluation of leadership training


LPindex is a 360° online feedback system that brings together views from a leader’s manager(s), peers and direct reports. The survey presents 30 questions with Likert scale rating, clustered into 5 key indicators (leadership parameters). 4 versions are available, tailored to each leadership level. The leader who is assessed is provided with a personal report (available in 16 languages) which can easily be translated into actions.
The report contains valuable input from raters and as a result assessment takers are more likely to acknowledge where there is room for improvement.
The report contains:

  • Overall scores (on the 5 leadership parameters)
  • Top 5 and bottom 5 scores
  • Positive and negative blind spots
  • Scores for each question under leadership parameter
  • Written comments


Most companies can build their leadership pipeline around four generic leadership levels to which the four versions of the LPindex are tailored.
You can read more about the leadership parameters measured on each of the leadership levels below.
Set objectives and prioritise tasks
Delegate and follow up
Coach and develop direct reports
Assess and improve performance
Select team members and build the team
Manage boundaries and allocate resources
Develop and execute operational plans
Coach and develop leaders
Assess and improve the performance of leaders
Select leaders and build the organisation
Select leaders and build the function
Coach and hold direct reports accountable
Be a full member of the business team
Drive functional excellence
Take ownership of developing leadership talent
Select functional leaders and build the organisation
Coach and hold direct reports accountable
Lead with a multifunctional perspective
Develop the business strategy
Execute the business strategy

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