Hire an external HR Development Partner from Human Acceleration if your company does not have an HR department, or if your HR team are fully booked and could need some external for a shorter or longer period of time.


An external HRD partner with business knowledge can support you establishing easy to work with-processes around development and performance. We can help both highly matured HR departments that need extra resources for a while or small companies that have their basic HR in place (contracts, salary etc.) and now need to get started with basic HRD. Your managers will get someone who walks them through their people issues and they will get to be more confident on their own.

Below are some suggestions of what you might want to work with:

Having the right HR processes in place will help you get the outcome you want. Maybe your setup has become a bit too ritual or you tend to focus too much on checklists which can steal attention from being attentive and present and makes you long for more “real dialogue”. We make sure that your processes are up to date and simple to follow. It is important that they reflect your culture and are designed around your customers. Furthermore, they should bring motivation to your people; not the opposite. Such a “go through processes” is useful if you are a small company and want to establish something structured or you are a big company, which is curious in rethinking your routines in performance review, appraisal, engagement survey, MUS, career system etc.
If you have gotten a poor result from an engagement survey or your turnover or sick leave is rising, you could benefit from improving your level of joy and work pleasure. It’s useful to work on an environment where you grow as a person and as a group and it is proven by many that happy people are good business and natural ambassadors. Furthermore, if you are generally happy with your working life, you’re much more resource full when bad times appear. And they will – all of us are occasionally unhappy with something at work. Happiness is not always easy and we will help you get to the bottom of what is causing your problems and secure a positive change.
When people work together, there is a basis for both great synergy and great conflicts. It is often necessary to help teams to benefit the most from each other and succeed as a team. If you have conflicts between team members or you miss out on potential synergy effects, we can help you on team sessions that increases understanding and appreciation of each other and motivates people to work together in new ways. We will investigate team dynamics, strengths and challenges, differences in work style and values and how the team communication flow works. Such team session will increase the productivity and results and as important the motivation and work pleasure.
If you expect a lot of your senior level people leaving in the close future, keeping their knowledge within the company is important. People in their late part of their career have a lot to give to the next generation and especially if you have a big gap from youngest and oldest an exchange of knowledge can be of great mutual benefit and joy. We believe in mentor programmes that benefits both the two parties involved, mentor and mentee, and of course your company. We can help you set it up in a way which secures knowledge transfer and mutual development. Furthermore, we assist with the structure and psychologic contract between mentor and mentee to prevent misunderstandings and different expectations.
Unfortunately, stress is both very common and comes with great cost both individually and for organizations. The good news is that it is possible to reduce and the sooner you act the better. Stress strikes individually but must be handled united. We recommend both looking into your culture and management style and on an individual level use PI to uncover behavioral patterns that increases the risk of stress. For instance, the PI BA gives indications on themes like tendency to perfection, unwillingness to hand over tasks, not asking for help etc.
Development and dialogue between manager and employee are day-to-day and so it should be, but there can be good sense in adding a scheduled dialogue. It helps both parties to focus and prepare and is a way to keep a good job match. Cause people grow out of jobs, sometimes lack motivation and need help to find their new path to be able to stay and grow within the company. It is a bit like keeping on recruiting – you shouldn’t just focus on job match during the recruitment process and then forget all about it. For people to stay on top of their motivation, you should keep on “hiring them” by securing at least a yearly job-, performance-, and motivation-check.
Leadership is full of paradoxes and you are constantly challenged on big decisions, risks and lack of time. You must be in a state of mind where you’re present and aware and you must work and function together as a management team. A lot of people are looking at you and wanting something from you and at the same time you might feel like your standing alone. How you work affects the whole organization and is a very good reason to get both push and support from outside in your development journey. We offer you a solution where we work with each team-member on a 1:1 basis and with the whole team present. We investigate your communication, your working style and culture and how you affect each other. You will get insights on your self and the team and suggestions to work together in new ways.
For ambitious, curious employees it’s important to be part of a company, where you are not only able to, but expected to unfold potential and discover your capabilities. Even though that all employees are valuable it can be meaningful to have a programme for your young professionals or graduates with focus on career development and potential. We recommend that you work from both a business perspective and an individual perspective. In other words, it’s important that the future of the company is taken care of, e.g. what skills and capabilities do you need and how do you motivate people to stay? And from the individual perspective it’s important that the development and network you offer is of great personal value. We can help you set up the structure of the programme and design the context, that will motivate, challenge and develop your talents.
Recruiting the right candidate is an intense process with not much time available. You need to uncover if there’s a match on both job role and company values and you need to add “extra” value to your company every time you hire. Recruitment consists of a lot of small steps and tasks that all affects your result. Typical signs that something is wrong are if you’re not sure, you pick the right candidates, if new-hires leave you within the first couple of years or are demotivated in the same period or if you are surprised who you have hired and don’t recognize the person from the interview. If you face challenges in your recruitment, we will help you find out what the causes them and set up a solid process. Or we can assist you on your process and take over some of the tasks, e.g. interviewing and profile feedback to the candidate and evaluation-feedback to the hiring manager.
Breakfast and flowers are important when you’re welcoming people, but not enough to make your new employees become “up and running”. Recruitment is an expensive and demanding process and you don’t want your newcomers to be demotivated or worst case leave because of leaving out important steps in your onboarding process. In onboarding both the practicalities and the subtle emotional experience matters. We can help you with the whole process from signature to the employee is fully adjusted with both social and performance aspects. All from checklists to communicating your values and culture. We will also try to inspire you to pick up learnings and the kind of insights on your company that only fresh eyes see. In other words, it is as important that you learn from your newcomers that it is, they learn from you.
In a busy environment people tend to forget to ask each other for advice and support. Even among close colleges a lot of knowledge and both quick and good advice are never shared. Knowledge sharing within your company is a good source of helping yourself. But for people to share the relevant input to each other, they need to be brought together in facilitated sessions in an atmosphere of trust. We can facilitate and run internal networks at your location that creates the contact between your people that will make them stronger colleges, feeling like a team. They will get insight in each other that make them aware how to move quickly and feel secure in decision making.


We believe in tailor-making our external HR partner support to the specific needs of your organisation to ensure that the solution is the best possible fit to your culture and preferred way of working together. Our consultant can provide support in designing and/or re-designing your HR processes, or you can get continuous external HR support in the execution of your HR processes and HR operations.


The support will be provided by a skilled consultant with extensive experience. By bringing in an external consultant, you get an un-biased outside-in perspective on your every day interactions and processes.


If you have a license to the Predictive Index Assessment Tools, we highly recommend that you leverage the input from especially the behavioral profiles in working with all your HR processes.

The support can be conducted in English or Danish.


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For advice and guidance on the Predictive Index assessment tools as well as further information and solutions for selecting the right talent, please visit Humanostics

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