Staying objective and focused, knowing what to ask from the candidate and what to emphasise before and during the interview, are just some of the challenges related to conducting a job interview.
This tailor-made interview guide helps interviewers:
  • Save time and resources preparing for interviews

  • Improve interview techniques and ask probing questions

  • Stay objective throughout the interview

  • Impress candidates with the professional structure of the interview, building credibility and employer branding

  • Ensure objectivity in selection processes by benchmarking applicants against pre-defined competencies

  • Evaluate candidates objectively from an assessment matrix to record and calibrate job fit

  • Understand the potential of new hires and identify development plans earlier


The CATIL® INTERVIEW e-GUIDE provides interviewers with a simple and cost-effective interviewing methodology.
As an interviewer you get access to an online competency inventory known as the Function Catalogue, from where you validate the key competencies necessary for superior performance in a given role.

Unlike standard models on the market based solely on leadership competency profiles, this competency model offers a flexible approach, assessing three dimensions of successful job performance:


Function/role related competencies, e.g. risk management and creative thinking


Competencies required for entry or management level seniority – e.g. whether a candidate has organisational skills or at the other end of the spectrum, strategic agility.


Critical personality asset competencies, e.g. motivational drives such as cooperation and influence

Selecting the Core, Level and Assets competencies required for job success with the online Function Catalogue usually takes less than 10 minutes.
Users are then presented with an automatically generated interview transcript composed of targeted behavioural questions and additional templates to track and record interviews. The system also gives interviewers a scale of positive and negative indicators of behaviour to probe and score candidate responses fairly and consistently.

The CATIL Interview e-Guide takes you as an interviewer through the interview process, providing the information you need to conduct a fast, reliable and standardised Competency Based Interview.
  • Quickly identify the behavioural competencies required for superior job performance in any given role

  • Automatically generate a selection of targeted behavioural event interview questions to evaluate a candidate’s capacity to meet that job requirements

  • Remind interviewers to ask deeper, probing questions following CATIL’s questioning template (Context / Action / Thinking / Impact / Learning)

  • Provides interviewers with an assessment matrix to record and calibrate a candidate’s job compatibility against their fellow applicants

Clients of Humanostics using The Predictive Index® methodology can use the e-guide by choosing a pre-selected job target (established with the PI Job Assessment) which maps out the required behavioural traits needed for success in the role.

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